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GACEMER is an innovative app combining creativity and technology with higher level of questioning and To Do challenges.

  • With dozents of trails associating interactive gameplay and hand-on experimentations, GACEMER encourages active learning and promotes student engagement in fun, exiting ways.
  • GACEMER is  a funny learning game involving interesting tasks like visiting assigned sites, answering multiple choice questions, photo shooting, video recording, jumping, solving puzzles, watching videos...
  • It provides you with a number of ready-to-go trails classified in mainly 4 fields: Culture, Nature, History and Science.
  • For a history course in a Cambridge school, for instance, the app provides students with a list of historical places in and around Boston and Cambridge. Students are gaining points by visiting assigned sites (GPS positioning), answering related questions, taking necessary photos or videos, and participating in seminers or activities around the city.
  • Under the NATURE section, you have trails experimenting different types of trees, their leafs, their life cycle, their function in ecosystem through assigning to-do-challenges which require students visiting monumental trees in town (through GPS Positioning or scanning quercode ), scavenger hunt of 10 different leafs and photo shooting, carrying out experimentation at home to understand how a leaf breathes and recording it in a short video format, watching a film about trees or reading assigned stories about trees and answering related questions, writing a short poem about trees, planting a tree and taking a photo of it... and racking up assigned points...
  • GACEMER gives you the power to run, revise, control and monitor ready-to-go trails or create your own trails through various functions including GPS positioning, photo shooting,QR Code, and assigning To Do challenges that fits students' curriculum, personal or organization’s specific needs.
  • GACEMER is innovative educational app for K-12 students, teachers and parents. Main aim of the app is to make education and learning more exciting, interesting, engaged, and fun. Another purpose of the application is to take the students out of school and houses and let them experiment the life, nature and culture through actions.
  • GACEMER gives tasks to students for particular topics or actions.
  • For the parents, GACEMER offers plenty of informative and exiting actions they can experiment with their kids. For instance, the app explains how to make giant bubbles and asks students to make one, take photo and share it. By doing these activities, the kids gain points.
  • For Turkey, the points are matched with some small gifts like theater or concert tickets, books, meeting to Youtubers-artists-authors and free camping tickets.
  • Main aim of the product is to be totally free for students and parents. Students will be offered around 500 actions, including course related activities, weekend activities, treasury hunts, time-limited competitions, site visits and clues about how to develop their own actions. Depending on our agreements with local or international institutions, we want to encourage some particular actions by offering physical or online gifts to those gaining enough points.
  • For schools, universities and teachers, the product will offer a paid premium membership with extra features like designing their own competition by by harmonizing existing trails or action, assigning time limit and points for particular tasks, or configuring their own game and monitoring the participants’ actions with illustrative graphs.

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GACEMER is innovative educational app for students, teachers and parents.